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Empowerment projects within the agricultural sector

AgriExpert has an impressive track record of involvement in various empowerment projects within the agricultural sector, particularly in wine and other agricultural industries. Their collaboration with BEE Empowered suggests a commitment to furthering empowerment initiatives and leveraging their extensive knowledge base for the benefit of such projects.

Their experience spans a range of endeavors, from regional development projects to agricultural land reform initiatives. This breadth of experience equips them with the expertise needed to navigate complex project structures and collaborate effectively with experts from different disciplines.

Specifically, AgriExpert's contributions include direct involvement in projects such as the Riebeek Valley, De Doorns Valley, Tankwa-Karoo Empowerment Project, and others. They have also played a role in planning and applying for water rights in the agricultural sector, as well as in waste water management.

Their participation in projects like the Swartland Municipality agricultural master planning and Beaufort West Municipality spatial development framework indicates a commitment to both local and regional development efforts.

Overall, AgriExpert seems well-positioned to make significant contributions to empowerment projects in the agricultural sector, leveraging their expertise and collaborative approach to drive meaningful change and development.

Iaan Olckers
Cell: +27 (0) 82 907 2810

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